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Progressive Grading System for schools

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This is a topic that has been looked at over the years but never been fully implemented. I believe it’s a great solution to the inequality in our school systems.

In order to achieve a utopian society we must, and I stress must, make sure everyone pays their fair share. This includes children too. What better way to “equalize” society than to start right at the heart of the problem. Some kids grow up with a clear advantage in life just because they made better grades than their peers. This “upper class” of students must realize just because they have better grades they really didn’t earn those grades.

The system is simple. A progressive grading scale will adjust each students grade to a “more fair” grade. For example:

A student makes 93 on a test. Because of such a high score that student would have to give their “fair share” back to the class. Based on proposed tables the percentage would be 33% or 30 points of their grade. That student would get a final score of 63, a more reasonable score for a student to have. The rest of his points (30) would be distributed among students who made below 50% on their test bringing their grades to a much “fairer” level. A student who makes a 40 would receive 20 points in order for them to rise above the “failure line”.

A leading proponent of the system said, “A progressive grading system would ensure no student would ever fail and prepare them for the real world.”

Ad for Progressive Grading

Ad for Progressive Grading

Proposed Progressive Grading Scale

Grade Rate
96-100 35%
90-95 33%
83-90 31%
75-83 28%
70-75 15%

At the end of each school year each student will receive a “Participation” document.

Imagine a world where truly “No Child is left Behind”. If your child makes bad grades because of lack of motivation or just plain stupid, the Progressive Grading system will give them the same opportunities as the more fortunate kids who are smart and motivated. What better way for a child to show their “patriotism” than to give back to those in need “of a few points“.

In order for us to achieve a utopian society we must begin very early. The Progressive Grading system will start kids off right and get them ready for the fair and just society we must create.

FINE PRINT Disclaimer: this is a load of crap

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Progressive Grading System for schools, 7.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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